Take The Risk of Letting Go - Voice Expression Permission

The Telling of Our Truths: The Magic in Great Musical Performance

From Master Class Video: You Tube
Key Quotations Transcription by Essential Knowledge 

You are infinitely more than you voice.
You are the present, not your voice.
Your voice is the vehicle that expresses us. 
It became very easy to see peoples fear.
Get more permission.
A lot of people hide behind their technique.
They go away from their humanity, they go away from their honesty.
We do certain things to protect our self from pain, and that very often comes in non permission to be who we are in our childhood. 
Take the risk of letting go.
To really let emotional expression happen in a profound sense. 
Getting people to their joy.
I go in to explore the fears of people, with their permission, of course.
Vital in terms of the positive.
It's the negatives which instills the fears in the first place.
Love is respect, it is the honoring of another.

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