Beware of These Fees Buried in the Fine Print

Beware of These Fees Buried in the Fine Print
  • Daniel S. Blinn, Esq.Consumer Law Group LLC
  • Many companies make it tough for customers to know exactly what they’re getting into when they buy a product or service.
  • That’s especially true now when financially aching firms are imposing even trickier terms. What to look for in the fine print...
  • Credit card issuers. Terms buried in the fine print dictate when your attractive promotional interest rate soars to a "default" rate that can be as high as 29%. The increase may occur when you exceed your credit limit or miss or are late with even a single minimum payment.

Back Attack - A top doc's simple method to relieve the pain.

Expert: Lee Hunter Riley III, MD Johns Hopkins University.
Full-text: Back Attack - A top doc's simple method to relieve the pain.
  • Myth: If you throw out your back, you should stay in bed until the pain is gone.
  • Fact: Although a day or two of rest may be necessary, one of the keys to healing is getting out of bed and moving around as soon as possible.

Secrets of the Country's Most Successful -- and Nicest -- Negotiator

Leading Expert: Ronald Shapiro, Shapiro Negotiations Institute.

Full-text article: Secrets of the Country's Most Successful -- and Nicest -- Negotiator
  • Ask the person to restate what he just said.
  • It’s amazing how often the restatement turns out to be different from the original.
  • People tend to explain more each time they state their positions, to give more details, to soften their stances and even offer options to what previously seemed like a hard line.

Happy Marriage by the Numbers

Leading Expert: Pamela C. Regan, PhD, California State University

Full-text Article: Happy Marriage by the Numbers

  • On average, these married couples wanted four cuddles a day... romantic gestures from their partners every 10 days... unsolicited helpful gestures three times a month... and seven cozy nights in and two dinner dates out a month.
  • In a long-term relationship, we tend to think romantic gestures are no longer necessary.
  • Make sure to hug or affectionately touch your partner at least four times a day.
  • Instead, have dinner together, talk about your week, make plans, check in about upcoming activities. Also, reserve special nights two times a month.
  • Making the effort to dress up and go outside the family home together reinforces your "coupleness" and adds vitality to a relationship.

Aging Gracefully

Leading Expert: Top model Valerie Ramsey

Full Text Article: Aging Gracefully

  • Looking young is a $60 billion a year industry -- that’s $1,600 worth of hormone treatments, plastic surgery, skin creams and supplements for every retiree in the US.
  • Ramsey is also a motivational speaker and has made regular appearances on the Today show, Fox Business News with Neil Cavuto and Extra.
  • Try daily power-walking, join a class at your gym, play tennis, do Pilates.
  • Turn confrontations into positive experiences.
  • On Cosmetic ProceduresI favor only minimally invasive, outpatient procedures with board-certified doctors.
  • I personally have had treatment on my face to remove skin cancer and sun damage... photorejuvenation, a treatment performed with a cool-tip laser that reduces fine lines and age spots and stimulates collagen production... and copper bromide laser treatments to repair broken blood vessels and sun damage.

Everything I Know About Leadership I Learned at McDonald's

Leading Expert: Paul Facella, Inside Management, Ltd.

Full Text Article: Everything I Know About Leadership I Learned at McDonald's

  • I saw humility and graciousness the first time I met Ray.
  • I have never forgotten his efforts to make an ordinary employee feel special.
  • During a visit to one New Jersey restaurant, Ray picked up cigarette butts in the parking lot, setting the tone for cleanliness.
  • Example: Herb Peterson, a franchise owner, was the creator of the Egg McMuffin in 1973.
  • Bottom Line/Personal interviewed Paul Facella, president and CEO of Inside Management, Ltd., a management consulting firm based in Lynbrook, New York.
  • He is author, with Adina Genn, of Everything I Know About Business I Learned at McDonald’s: The 7 Leadership Principles That Drive Break Out Success (McGraw-Hill).

Falls -- Beware of the Hidden Causes

Leading Expert: Rosanne M. Leipzig, MD, PhDMount Sinai School of Medicine.

Full Text Article: Falls -- Beware of the Hidden Causes

Most relevant quotations:

  • For example... Muscle weakness.
  • Impaired nerve function.
  • Bone mass declines with age.
  • Low vitamin D levels.
  • Lack of sleep can increase fall risk by impairing alertness and slowing
    reaction time.
  • She is the 2008 recipient of the American Geriatrics Society’s Dennis W.
    Jahnigen Award for contributions in geriatric education.

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