Aging Gracefully

Leading Expert: Top model Valerie Ramsey

Full Text Article: Aging Gracefully

  • Looking young is a $60 billion a year industry -- that’s $1,600 worth of hormone treatments, plastic surgery, skin creams and supplements for every retiree in the US.
  • Ramsey is also a motivational speaker and has made regular appearances on the Today show, Fox Business News with Neil Cavuto and Extra.
  • Try daily power-walking, join a class at your gym, play tennis, do Pilates.
  • Turn confrontations into positive experiences.
  • On Cosmetic ProceduresI favor only minimally invasive, outpatient procedures with board-certified doctors.
  • I personally have had treatment on my face to remove skin cancer and sun damage... photorejuvenation, a treatment performed with a cool-tip laser that reduces fine lines and age spots and stimulates collagen production... and copper bromide laser treatments to repair broken blood vessels and sun damage.

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